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1st ChinaWar Veteran.png
Commissionaire 177.png
MGSM Ambrotype.png
Sgt Allan Kaye RA.png

1st China War


c. 1890s

2nd Afghan
War/Anglo-Boer War

Napoleonic War


c. 1860

Former Sergeant

Allan Kaye
Royal Artillery
c. 1890s

Master Gunner James Whittington.png

Former 2nd Class Master Gunner

James Whittington, Royal Artillery

Real Photo Postcard


The Master Gunner of "A" Battery

Born on 18 December 1833 at Kidderminster, Worcestershire, England, former 2nd Class Master Gunner James Whittington was about 77 years old when photographed to record his attending the Golden Commemorative Dinner of the Indian Mutiny Veterans at Albert Hall on 23 December 1907. Of “A” Field Battery’s original strength of 139 in 1857, he was one of three veterans of the battery still alive to attend the dinner fifty years later.

No. 1233 James Whittington’s service papers are jumbled with those of another artilleryman No. 4832 John Whittingham (a much less distinguished soldier who was branded for desertion) but he appears to attested on 4 December 1851 while still underage.  Early on in his career Whittington was tried for being absent without leave and was convicted, being imprisoned from 16 October to 11 November 1854.

He was promoted as follows:

Corporal – 1 August 1858
Sergeant – 19 September 1863
Battery Sergeant Major – 23 March 1867
3rd Class Master Gunner – 29 June 1870
2nd Class Master Gunner - 10 March 1875

O'er the hills
and o'er the main.
Through Flanders, Portugal and Spain.
King George commands and we obey.
O'er the hills
and far away.

This 1860 vintage carte de visite depicts a truly ancient-looking old soldier wearing two medals commemorating his service to king and country. Given the apparent age of the subject and the number of clasps on his first medal (11), the award could only be the Military General Service Medal (MGSM). This award was presented to surviving British veterans of the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars (including the 1812-14 war against the U.S.) in 1848 by Queen Victoria.

The subject of the carte is identified on its reverse side as Charles Ormon of Alnwick. Delving into the MSGM roll
reveals the old campaigner to have been Charles Ormond formerly of the 95th Regiment of Foot (Riflemen). The following article appeared in the 1 August 1857 issue of the Alnwick Mercury"The Rev. Mr. Roberts, of Shilbottle, has presented Mr. Charles Ormond, of this town, who served in the Rifle Brigade during the Peninsular War...

Waterloo Veteran

Charles Ormond.

c. 1860

Letter Carriers.png


GPO Letter Carriers

c. 1890

Bearded Veteran Walthamstow.png

Bearded Veteran

India General Service Medal

c. 1890

Mutiny Veteran.png

Indian Mutiny Veteran

c. 1890

Salvation Army.png


Salvation Army Soldier

c. 1890

Metropolitain Police.png
Malta Veteran.png
Robert Brindle.png
WWI Fenian Raid Veteran.png

Officer No. 244
Metropolitan Police
Anglo-Boer War Veteran
c. 1900s

Crimean War/India Mutiny
c. 1890s

Robert Brindle

Archbishop of Nottingham

Egypt/Sudan Veteran


Fenian Raid/Red River
c. 1914

Yeoman Pamplin.png
Yeoman Knight.png
Yeoman Austin.png
Yeoman appleton.png

Yeoman of the Guard
Herbert Winton Pamplin
Tower of London
c. 1908

Yeoman Warder
Kester  Knight
Tower of London
c. 1890

Yeoman of the Guard
Robert Austin
Tower of London
c. 1895

Yeoman Warder
William Appleton

Tower of London
c. 1905

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