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This old campaigner was a soldier twice - first for Queen and country and then for the Lord Almighty. He proudly wears the uniform of the Salvation Army displays a single clasp 1854 India General Service Medal (IGSM).


The  Salvation Army's "S" collar badges are just visible beneath his great bushy "mutton chop" sideboards. Interestingly he seems to have a slight smile on his face and his wife, while more or less expressionless, wears a brightly coloured print dress - his smile and her dress tend to belie the usually quite austere
demeanor that is usually associated with 19th Century members of this Christian charitable organization.


He wears a second medal next to the IGSM which is not a military issue
decoration but could be a life-saving medal.


Carte de Visite
John Nott - Photographer
8 Pittville Street, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England.
c. 1880s

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