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An inyeresting, if unnamed carte de visite depicting a veteran of the Abbysinian War of  1867-68. He wears the campagn's ranter unique medal with the medal's planchett  tuck neatly into the breast pocket of his coat.  It seems rather odd that he chose to be photographed with his medal worn in this manner, but i have encountered a number other period photographs in which the sitter is wearing their medal with the planchett hidden in precisely the same manner so there must have been some significance associated in doing so.

The man also chose to wear a civilian style ealry tropical helmet. While the helmet does appear to be wrapped with a pagri, is seemd to lack any sort of vetellator  on its top. 

Carte de Visite

W. Wick - Photgrapher

London Road, Ipswich


c. 1870s

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