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A late Victorian family portrait of an older, seated gentleman and two of his relations probably his son and daughter. Seated in the center of the composition the patriarch proudly displays three campaign medals earned while on active service in Africa. 

His medals include thee 1877-79 South Africa Medal   (top, left) which is often, but incorrectly referred to as the "Zulu War Medal.  While the medal was indeed issued for service in the Anglo-Zulu War of 1879, it also commemorated service in a number of other campaigns in South Africa between 1877 and the end of 1879.

The second and third medals are the Egypt Medal (top, left) and the Khedive's Star (center bottom) both of which were issued for service in Egypt, the Nile Valley and Sudan between 1882 and 1889) . The South Africa and Egypt medals bear a single clasp.

The subjects of this portrait are unidentified.

Cabinet Photograph

W. H. Waterfield - Photographer

38 Marlboro Street, 

Devenport, England

c. 1900

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