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Law of the North

Wearing the hussar-styled 1876 pattern
dress tunic, I believe this man to be an
officer  of Canada's storied North West
Mounted Police (NWMP).

His breech-loading Snider-Enfield .577 Mk. III carbine and what appears to be a 1853 Light Cavalry Sabre correspond to the arms issued to members of the NWMP in the 1870s. Consulted sources state that swords were issued to officers and NCOs to the rank of staff sergeant, and Beaumont Adams Mk I & Mk III revolvers were issued to all ranks.

His tunic was scarlet with gold braid and his trousers early dark blue dismounted pattern with double white stripes on the outside seams. His pillbox-style forage cap would have been replaced in the field by a
white foreign service style helmet.

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Constable NWMP Small.png

Unidentified Officer
North West Mounted Police

Carte de Visite

London, Ontario, Canada

c. 1876

O'er the hills
and o'er the main.
Through Flanders, Portugal and Spain.
King George commands and we obey.
O'er the hills
and far away.

This 1860 vintage carte de visite depicts a truly ancient-looking old soldier wearing two medals commemorating his service to king and country. Given the apparent age of the subject and the number of clasps on his first medal (11), the award could only be the Military General Service Medal (MGSM). This award was presented to surviving British veterans of the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars (including the 1812-14 war against the U.S.) in 1848 by Queen Victoria.

The subject of the carte is identified on its reverse side as Charles Ormon of Alnwick. Delving into the MSGM roll
reveals the old campaigner to have been Charles Ormond formerly of the 95th Regiment of Foot (Riflemen). The following article appeared in the 1 August 1857 issue of the Alnwick Mercury"The Rev. Mr. Roberts, of Shilbottle, has presented Mr. Charles Ormond, of this town, who served in the Rifle Brigade during the Peninsular War...

Waterloo Veteran

Charles Ormond.

c. 1860

Three Sergeants of the Kimberley Regiment

Kimberley, Cape Colony, Southern Africa

26 November 1900

Sergeants Scott, Duggan & Hooper

Taken several months after the end of the siege of the diamond mining town of Kimberley, this cabinet photograph depicts three defenders of the town. The three men, all sergeants, were members of the locally raised Kimberley Regiment. The reverse side of the photograph was heavily annotated by one of the sitters – Sergeant Scott - with the names of his two fellow soldiers, the name of their regiment, the photograph’s date as well as the names of the photograph’s intended recipients.

The tree men are identified as sergeants Hooper, Duggan and Scott. Unfortunately no attestation papers for the Kimberley Regiment apparently exist but the regimental roll for the Queen’s South Africa Medal (QSAM) provides a bit more information on these men.

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