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The West Indies, Jamaica & Caribbean

A Stitch In Time

Even though this photograph was fully identified by a period inscription on the paper backing of its original frame researching the military career of Sergeant Master Tailor Cecil Dodd proved difficult since he had initially enlisted in the Royal Artillery and transferred at a later date into the 2nd West India Regiment.

Cecil Dodd was born in 1874 at Danbury, Essex, England the son of  Frederick and Caroline Dodd.

He attested with the Royal Artillery at Colchester on 10
November 1894 with his trade at that time being listed as that of a tailor.

Dodd's service papers are rather difficult to read but his career as far as it can be read follows:

Attesting for short service as Gunner with No. 7 Company of the Royal Artillery he was granted his first
good conduct pay on 11 November 1896. He was granted his second good conduct pay on 11 November 1900. Appointed acting bombardier on 24 November 1900 he extended his service to complete 12 years of service on 21 December 1900.

His unit was re-designated No. 23 Company of the Royal Garrison Artillery on 1 January 1902. Promoted bombardier on 10 May 1903 and then corporal on 13 March 1905. On 4 December of that same year, Cecil Dodd extended his service with the Royal Garrison Artillery at Newport to complete 21 years of service. Although not mentioned in his service papers it seems likely that Dodd was pursuing his trade as a tailor during these years.

Cecil Dodd.png

Sergeant Master Tailor Cecil Dodd

2nd West India Regiment

Cleary's Photographic Studio - Photographer
Kingston, Jamaica
c. 1911

Corporal Royal Scots.png


2/The Royal Scots


c. 1883

Colour Sergeant WIR.png

Colour Sergeant & Wife
West India Regiment

London, England
c. 1900

Pte RMLI Jamaica.png


Royal Marine Light Infantry



Captain William Owen Lanyon.png


William Owen Lanyon

West India Regiment




Private 99th Foot.png
Corp John Ward RA.png
Private RMLI Bermuda.png
Private RAMC Bermuda.png


99th Regiment of Foot

Hamilton, Bermuda

c. 1881


John Ward

Royal Artillery

St Georges, Bermuda



Royal Marine Light Infantry

Hamilton, Bermuda

c. 1890s


Army Hospital Corps

Hamilton, Bermuda

c. 1890s

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