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Every so often an original glass plate negative used in the creation of carte de viste or cabinet style photographs comes to light. While not as widely collected as vintage photographic prints, they are in fact the first generation "originals" since it was the wet glass plate that was in the camera during the photographic session. Any print made from the negative regardless of how soon that print was made after the exposure of the negative is in fact a second generation copy of the original. These glass plates or relatively rare due to their inherent fragility. In this section each negative has been scanned and converted to a gray scale image. A positive image is then presented after having been flipped to give the image the correct left to right orientation.

Dorset MI 1.png
Dorset MI 3 Neg.png
Dorset MI 2 Neg.png

A Mounted Infantryman

One of a number of glass negatives recording the likeness of the same soldier probably dating from just after the Anglo-Boer War.

Purchased from an estate in Dorset, the soldier was probably a member of the Dorsetshire Regiment, perhaps one of the Dorset's volunteer battalions. His sphinx collar badges were also used by the Dorsets.

Kitted out for service as a mounted infantryman, some of the negative depicts the man mounted or standing y his mount. Unfortunately, no name was associted with the subject.

The clarity of positives created from scans of these negatives is amazing even by today's digital standars.

Sergeant and Wife Neg.png

Sergeant & Bride
c. 1900s

Highlander and Girl Neg.png

Private of the Black Watch
and Daughter
c. 1900s

Yeomanry Neg.png

Trooper and Officer
Royal Gloucestershire Yeomanry
North Somerset Yeomanry
c. 1905

Mounted Trooper Neg.png

Mounted Cavalryman
c. 1900s

Rifle Sergeant Neg.png

Rifle Sergeant in Mess Dress
c. 1900s

Drummer Boy Neg.png

"Drummer Boy"
c. 1917

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