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This early carte de visite bears an inscription on its reverse side identifying the subject as No. 1811 W. Robert Stubbings, 72nd Highlanders. A thorough search of service records turned up nothing. The absence of service records can be the result of several factors. They may have been among the so-called burned records or that Stubbings died while still with the colours.

I was able to confirm the photo's inscription when I found Stubbings mentioned in the British Army Index for 1871. Here he is listed as No. 1832/1811 Private William Stubbings of the 72nd (Duke of Albany's Own Highlanders) Regiment of Foot. The 72nd is listed as being quartered at Umballa, British India in 1871.

Persuing the Umballa connection I was able to find an entry for our No. 1811 Private Stubbings in the 1872 burial register for Umballa. Here he is listed by regimental number, name, and regiment and as having died of enteric fever (typhoid) on 7 September 1872. His age was given as 23 years from which a birth date of around 1849 can be inferred.

I believe that he was the William R. Stubbings who was born in 1850 to William and Ann Stubbings of Findon, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire.

No additional information has come to light regarding the unfortunate Private Stubbings.

Carte de Visite

Unknown Photographer

Unknown Location

c. 1871

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