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Torin Thatcher Bengal Brigade.png

Torin Thatcher (1905-1981) as Colonel Morrow in the 1954 production of Bengal Brigade.

Set during the Great Mutiny in India, Bengal Brigade was a starring vehicle for leading man Rock Hudson.

Torin Thatcher, born in Bombay (Mumbai) to British parents wears three campaign medals in this studio photograph. The first appears to be the 2nd China War Medal with a single clasp, then the New Zealand Medal, and lastly the 1854 India General Service Medal. While the film is set in 1857-58, the China War Medal was not authorized until 1861 and the New Zealand Medal in 1860 so both are incorrect for the film's setting.

Thatcher served as a major in the Royal Artillery during World War II.

Black and White Production Still
10 Inches x 8 Inches (28cm x 18cm)
United States

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