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Subadar 7th Rajputs.png

This cabinet photograph seems to depict a Subadar of the 7th (Duke of Connaught's Own) Rajput Bengal Infantry from sometime after 1900. This regimental affiliation is indicated by the unique badge on this officer's turban. The rank of subadar was the a commissioned rank in the Indian Army and could be compared to the British Army rank of captain.

Pinned to the breast of his tunic this soldier wears the 1900 China Medal which was issued to those troops who took part in the so-called Boxer Rebellion of that same year. The 7th Rajputs formed part of the international force under German Count von Waldersee that relieved the
foreign legations in Peking after the famous 55-day siege of that city's foreign legations.

His medal bears the single clasp "Relief of Pekin". His tunic would have been scarlet and this trousers dark blue.

Cabinet Photograph
Omaid Singh & Sons - Photographer
Lucknow, British India
c 1905

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