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A rare photograph of a Cape Colony volunteer unit, Prince Alfred's Volunteer Guards, depicting No. 448 Band Corporal Ted LeGros. He inscribed the reverse of the photograph to an unknown sibling in January 1885.

LeGros was still with Prince Alfred's Guards during the Anglo-Boer War. LeGros had been promoted to bugle major during the course of hostilities. According to his entry in the roll for the Queen's South Africa Medal, he transferred to the Field Intelligence Department and was commissioned lieutenant. For his service during the war, LeGros was entitled to the Queen's South Africa Medal with the clasps "Cape Colony" and "Orange Free State". He was also entitled to the King's South Africa Medal with its mandatory two clasps "South Africa 1901" and "South Africa 1902".

Little additional information has come to light as of now regarding Ted LeGros. Having signed the photo "Ted" and the fact that the QSAM Roll list him as "E. LeGros" it is probably safe to assume that his Christian name was in fact Edward or a variation of that name. Interestingly after LeGros transferred to the Field Intelligence Department his name is shown as "C. E. LeGros" in the medal rolls.  

A wedding certificate issued at Kimberly dated 31 January 1891 shows Charles Edwin LeGros marrying Sarah Hannah D'Arch. It was the second marriage for both as LeGros is listed as a widower and Sarah as a widow on the certificate. LeGros' first wife was Mary Woolacott (d. 1889).

A baptismal record dated 12 April 1903 at Grahamstown, Cape Colony for one Naomi Winifred LeGros (born 31 July 1891) mentions her parents being Charles Edwin LeGros and wife Sarah Hannah. Naomi's wedding certificate dated 4 March 1911 lists her father as C.E. LeGros. There is little doubt in my mind that this indeed relates to the man in
the above carte de visite.  

Carte de Visite
C. W. Smart - Photographer
Donkin Street, Port Elizabeth, Cape Colony, Southern Africa
January 1885

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