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Sergeant RB Crete.png

This sergeant of the 2nd Battalion, the Rifle Brigade poses wearing his Khedive's Sudan Medal for service in the Kitchener's Omdurman campaign of 1896-97.

The photograph must have been taken in 1898 just after the battalion's return from Sudan when it was posted to Crete and Malta. The Greek imprinting on the card indicates that this sergeant was with that part of the battalion that ended up in Crete.

He wears a single clasp Khedive's Sudan Medal which was issued in 1897 and still waits for his Queen's Sudan Medal which would not be issued to him until 1899.  

A special thanks to Mr. Massimo Chiossi for his translation of the photographer's information at the bottom of the card.

Cabinet Photograph
G. Maragiannes - Photographer
Heraklion, Crete
c. 1898

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