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US Army Color Guard Philippine Islands 1910.png

This image by photographer James Coughlin records the color guard of an unidentified United States infantry regiment in the Philippine Islands sometime around 1910.

The three enlisted men at the right wear the M1908 pattern summer service uniforms and the M1887 pattern sun helmets. All three men are armed with 1903 Springfield Rifles and bayonets. Each soldier wears interesting variations of collar insignia. The sergeant bearing the colors at center right wears simple "U.S." collar badges while the enlisted men to the left and right wear double sets of collar discs. While I have never seen this method of wearing collar discs in person I assume that one "U.S." disc was worn on each side along with one regimental/branch of service disc. The sergeant also wears one campaign ribbon and the 1897 style army marksman qualification badge. The soldier to his right also wears a single campaign ribbon.

The officer at far left wears a similar pattern summer service uniform with a slightly different pattern sun helmet which was probably privately purchased and may have been of British manufacture. He wears three campaign ribbons and wears mounted pattern gauntlets.  

Mounted Photograph
10 inches by 7 3/4 inches
(25.2 cm x 20 cm)
James Coughlin - Photographer
Philippine Islands
c. 1910

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