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Although the photographer's name was lost when the cabinet photograph was trimmed am attributing it to Berlin photographer R. Schubert based on the style of the card mount and the unique backdrop used.

The farewell cabinet photograph depicts trooper Heinrich Tieves just before he departs for the German colony in Southwest Africa. Tieves is outfitted in the 1896 Kord Waffenrock uniform and is armed with what is probably the 8mm German M1888 Commission Rifle. Although details of the rifle are obscure in this photograph the bayonet fitted to the rifle is a brass hilted M1871 model which only fit the 11mm 1871 Mauser rifle or the M1888 Commission Rifle. The apparent date of this photograph would seem to make it too late to be the M1871.

On the large wooden board next to Tieves is a poem which reads:

"Die Welt ist weit, die Welt ist schön,
wer weiss ob wir uns

Translated it is a sentimental goodbye poem that was popular with German troops of the era:

"The world is wide, the world is beautiful,
who knows if we shall see each other again!"

The reverse side of the photograph bears an ink dedication to a friend by Trooper Tieves (see below). Unfortunately, the photograph was once mounted in an album and the residue of the mounting partially obscures most of Tieves' words. No biographical information regarding Heinrich Tieves has been found.

Cabinet Photograph - Trimmed
R. Schubert - Photographer
No. 3 W. Potsdamerstrasse, Berlin, Germany
c. 1890s

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