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Trooper NSWMP.png

Cabinet Photograph
Adelaide Photo Company - Photographer
Corner of Pith St and Park Street, Sydney, Australia
c. 1910

Although he inscribed his portrait on its reverse side with a Christmas and New Years sentiment, this trooper of the New South West Mounted Police failed to identify himself beyond the simple initials "WR"  which makes further personal research almost impossible. The inscription on the photograph's reverse side describes his uniform and wishing an unknown recipient "...a merry x-mas & a happy new year."

This image is an outstanding study of an early Edwardian era member of the world's oldest continuously operational mounted police force having been founded by Thomas Brisbane in 1825.

This trooper wears a simple dark blue six button frock, reinforced riding pants and hussar styled riding boots. The unit's distinctive dark blue helmet with white pagri is visible on thestudio table next to him. The helmet badge bears a post Victorian, King's Crown at it's top.

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