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Above: A veteran of the Second Anglo-Afghan War (1878-1880) Rasildar Major (Major) Nadir Ali Khan was serving with the 19th Bengal Lancers (Fane's Horse) when he attended to Queen's Jubilee in 1887 of which this photograph is a record. The 19th Lancers took part in the Battle of Ahmad Khel in 1880 during the Second Anglo-Afghan War. Having entered service in 1858, Ali Khan wears the 1887 Queen's Jubilee Medal and the Second Afghan War Medal.

According to Frontier and Overseas Expeditions from India (1908, Intelligence Branch, Division of the Chief of Staff. Army Headquarters, India) on 22 November, 1879 , Ali Khan led a small force (thirty-six lances) against and assembled force of Zaimukhts, Mumuzais and Alisherzais tribesmen (about one thousand strong) near the Chapri Post in the Kurram Valley. The enemy were driven off leaving thirteen dead and many wounded on the field. Ali Khan's little force suffered three sowars wounded.

Cabinet Photograph
A & G Taylor - Photographer
London, England

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