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Another superb photographic record of an ambulanceman from the St. John Ambulance Brigade by photographer John Hart. Hart was an exceptional photographer with his work exhibiting remarkable clarity, detail, and tonal richness. Hart seems to have been the de facto photographer of the St. John's Ambulance Brigade and usually seemed to prefer full-length poses. This example varies from the norm in that it is in the 3/4 length format.

Some 1,800 members of the Brigade would serve in South Africa during the Anglo-Boer War. Even though they were members of a private organization, the services they provided were
so invaluable that the Crown authorized the issuance of the Queen's and King's South Africa Medals (with appropriate clasps) to qualifying members of the Brigade. These same
members would also receive the bronze St. John Ambulance Brigade Medal for South Africa.

Cabinet Photograph
John Hart - Photographer
179 & 181 City Road, E.C. and 275 Leytonstone Road E. London, England
c. 1900

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