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Born at Renfrewshire, Scotland in 1841, William Stephen Alexander Lockhart was the son of Dr. Laurence Lockhart, D.D. and Louisa Blair and was educated at the Glasgow Academy.

Lockhart joined the Indian Army (44th Bengal Native Infantry) at 17 and saw action towards the end of the Mutiny although he did not qualify for the Mutiny medal. Between 1864-66 he was with the 14th Bengal Cavalry during the Bhutan Expedition and then as A.D.C. to General Merewether in Abyssinia.


While on holiday in the Dutch East Indies he unofficially joined in the Dutch storming of Lambada and was mentioned in Dutch Despatches and received the 1876 Dutch Expedition Cross with the clasp for Lambada.


He served in the Burma Expedition (1886-87). Lockhart served as A.Q.M.G. to Lord Roberts in Afghanistan and took part in numerous actions throughout India which are borne out by the 7 clasps on his 1854 India General Service Medal.

2nd Lieutenant/Coronet/Ensign - 4 October 1858
Lieutenant - 9 June 1859
Captain - 16 December 1868
Major - 9 June 1877
Lieutenant Colonel - 6 April 1879
Colonel - 6 April 1883
Major General - 1 September 1891
Lieutenant General - 1 April 1894
General - 9 November 1896

In December 1898 Lockhart was appointed Indian Commander-in-Chief but became ill with malaria and died in March of 1900.

Cabinet Photograph
Messrs. Bassano - Photographer
25 Old Bond Street, London, W. England
c. 1895

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