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US Private in Japan.png

Mounted Photograph
3 7/8 inches by 6 3/8 Inches
(9.9 cm x 16.6 cm)
Unknown Photographer
c. 1917

Dating from the World War One era, this photograph captures the image of an American soldier posing with a traditionally dressed Japanese woman. His uniform tunic appears to be of the cotton M1911 summer service pattern and he wears cotton canvas lace-up leggings.


While his collar discs are too small to see in detail I suspect that he may have been a member of the 15th U. S. Infantry Regiment then stationed in and around Tientsin, China. If this is the case, the photograph probably captured him while on his way to join his unit. The 15th Infantry has the distinction of one of the longest continuous overseas deployments in U.S. Army history - 26 years, beginning in 1912.

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