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Sergeant 18th Foot.png

This bewhiskered sergeant-instructor of musketry wears the New Zealand Medal for service in the later conflicts with the Maori people in New Zealand.


He was a member of the 2nd Battalion, the 18th (Royal Irish) Regiment Foot. There were at least two campaigns during the 1860s in which the 2/18th Foot took part. Along with his battalion, he took part in either or both the Invasion of Waikato and the Second Taranaki War (1863-1866).


In the later campaign a member of the 2/18th - Captain Hugh Shaw - won the Victoria Cross. His battalion was the last Imperial battalion to serve in New Zealand. The photo dates from after 1869 - the year the medal was issued.

Carte de Visite
F. Elderfield - Photographer
3 Albert Terrace, Victoria Road, Aldershot, England
c. 1870s

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