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Private 38th Foot.png

An early to mid-1870s cabinet photo recording the image of a private from the 38th (1st Staffordshire) Regiment of Foot.

The private is uniformed in full home service marching order, although he may be lacking a water bottle. He wears an 1871 pattern tunic and an 1869 shako fitted with an 1868 pattern other ranks shako plate. The Staffordshire knot collar badge is clearly visible. Although the regimental number on his shako plate is obscure, the "38" on his shoulder is just visible.

Armed with a Martini-Henry rifle and "lunger" bayonet, his personal kit consists of the 1871 pattern valise equipment in whitened buff leather. His folded greatcoat is carried high on his shoulders with the valise slung below.

Cabinet Photograph
Hudson & Co. - Photographer
the Great Western Arcade, Birmingham, England.
c. 1875

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