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Pennsylvania National Guardsman.png

The American Civil War and the Indian Wars are both evident in elements of this 1890s Pennsylvania National Guardsman uniform and equipment, all of which appear to follow U.S. Army regulations. At the time some state guard and militia units took quite a few liberties when came to interpreting the then-current guidelines. 

He wears the 1872 pattern chasseur-style forage cap which was well-liked by the troops. Reminiscent of the kepi-styled forage caps worn during the Civil War, it was of dark blue wool with a black leather visor and chin strap. The small brass eagle chin strap button would have been replaced with those bearing the Pennsylvania state crest in this case. His regimental badge which is worn on the front of his cap is of standard army pattern consisting of crossed rifles with the regimental number above and the company letter below. He is a member of "K' Company, 1st Regiment of the Pennsylvania National Guard. Just visible on the top of the cap is the keystone-shaped emblem of Pennsylvania. 

His uniform consists of an 1880s pattern sack coat in dark blue wool and light blue wool infantry pattern trousers which are tucked into brown/tan high topped canvas leggings. A Pennsylvania marksman badge is just visible on his coat. 

Somewhat unusually, he chose to be photographed wearing his greatcoat which is of the standard U.S. Infantry pattern. Single-breasted, it was of light blue kersey wool and a detachable elbow-length cape which was lined in bark blue wool.  

He is armed with a breech-loading, single-shot 1884 Springfield rifle in 45-70 caliber with a fixed bayonet. The Springfield fired a 405-grain lead bullet with a muzzle velocity of 1,300 fps. 

Cabinet Photograph
C. S. Roshon - Photographer
142 North Eighth Street, Lebanon, Pennsylvania
c. 1900

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