An interesting counterpoint to the photograph of the Irish Lancer taken in Chicago that appears in this section, this
photograph depicts a classically outfitted U. S. Cavalryman and was taken by photographer J. White of Salford,
Manchester, England. How this image came to be produced by a British photographer will probably remain a
mystery. One possibility is that this soldier was member of Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show which toured Great
Britain during this time.

Another suggestion was made that perhaps this man was competing at one of the international shooting
competitions that were held in Britain at this time. This seems unlikely to be given that this man is armed for the
field and not for the target range. His Trapdoor Springfield carbine while a robust and effective weapon was hardly
renowned for its long range accuracy and why would he be carrying his Colt Single Action Army pistol at the same

Elements of this trooper's uniform and equipment seem to place this image sometime between the end of the Indian
Wars and the Spanish-American War of 1898. He wears knee high leather boots of the earlier era that were
generally replaced by canvas leggings during the war with Spain. He also looks to be wearing the 1876 pattern
"Prairie Belt" designed to hold cartridges for his 45/70 caliber Springfield Trapdoor Carbine. This pattern belt had
been replaced by the time of the Spanish war with the Mills Pattern web cartridge belt that usually fastened with the
"H" style US buckle. This belt when looked at in detail has been modified to hold his service revolver holster by
the addition of a separate leather strap that was riveted to the belt proper that would allow the holstered revolver to
hang below the webbing belt and give the trooper access to of the carbine's cartridges. See the below detail image.

Pinned to his 5 button sack coat is an army sharpshooter badge.

Cabinet Photograph
J. White - Photographer
42, The Crescent, Slaford, Manchester, England
c. 1880's
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