George Duke of York. The second son of Edward the Price of Wales, George would become the heir to the British
throne upon the early death of his elder brother Albert Victor.

As George V he would be the reigning monarch during World War One and would change to family name from
Saxe-Coburg-Gotha to Windsor.

Photographed in the uniform of the Royal Navy and eventually rising to the rank of Commander, George served in the
navy until 1891. He travelled the world and visited many areas of the British Empire. He also acquired many tattoos, and
a parrot that he took home to England with himself.

This photograph date from around 1890. The photographer, W & D Downey was only active at this set of addresses until
1890. This also dates the photograph to before George was created Duke of York by his grandmother, Queen Victoria in

Cabinet Photograph
W & D Downey - Photographer
57 & 61 Ebury Street, London S W, England
c. 1890