Inscribed on the reverse " Capt. Barton" this Carte de Visite shows a young Geoffry Barton while Adjutant
(1869-73) in the 1st Battalion of the 7th Regiment of Foot (Royal Fusiliers). Taken in Dublin the approximate date
is based upon the Regiment's posting to Irelend from 1869 and Barton departure for special service duty under Sir
Garnet Wolseley in West Africa during the 1874 Ashanti Expedition.

Born on February 22, 1844 and was commissioned as Ensign in the 7th Foot on 3 October, 1862. He became
Lieutenant in 1865.

While on special service in West Africa he took part in engagements at Jirbinbah and Kumassi. For his services he
was mentioned in despatches.

After his return home he served as Aide-de-Camp to Major-General Shipley and was gazetted to the 23rd Foot
(Royal Welch Fusiliers). He then obtained a transfer back to his old regiment the 7th Foot.

Leaving England again on special service in South Africa he served through out the Anglo-Zulu War of 1879 in
command of the 4th Battalion Natal Native Contingent and was present at the Battle of Ginginhlovo and was
mentioned in despatches twice and promoted Brevet-Major.

Returning the England he attended Staff College and attained his certificate in 1881.

With the out break of hostilities in Egypt he joined Sir Garnet Wolseley's staff as Assistant Adjutant-General in
Command of Military Police and was present at both Kassassin and Tel-el-Kebir. Again mentioned in despatches
he was promoted Brevet Lieutenant- Colonel.  He briefly served in Hong Kong before returning to Africa where he
joined Lt. General Graham, V.C. in the Sudan during the Gordon Relief Expedition of 1885.

In 1890 he attained command of the 2/7  and at the end of 1891  exchanges into the 1st Battalion in India. He
served in various capacities in England until 1898 when he went on half-pay as a Major General.

Recalled to duty against the Boers Barton commanded the 6th Brigade of the South African Filed Force. NHe took
part on the operation for the relief of Ladysmith and did distinguished service at the Battle of Colenso.

Carte de Visite
T. Cranfield - Photographer
115 Grafton Street, Dublin, Ireland
c. 1870's