Lieutenant-General Sir William Forbes Gatacre KCB, DSO (1843-1906) was an English soldier, born near Stirling,
and educated at Royal Military College Sandhurst. He entered the army in 1862 and retired in 1904, after serving
in India, including the Hazara and Chitral Campaigns on the North West Frontier and during Kitchener's Sudan

In the Second Boer War he was placed at the head of a division with the rank of lieutenant general. Gatacre was
the commanding general of the Commonwealth forces at the Battle of Stormberg in which 135 men were killed and
696 captured during an ambush.

Though he worked them hard, Gatacre's men loved him and called him "General Backacher." Lady Gatacre wrote
his Life, (London, 1910).

Gatacre died in Abyssinia in March, 1906 while inspecting the Abyssinian rubber forests for the Kordofan trading
Company of London.

Cabinet Photograph
Elliott & Fry - Photographer
55 Baker Street, London, W., England
c. 1899