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Mounted Infantry Bugler.png

Although slightly soft in focus and unidentified this photo offers an excellent study depicting a bugler of the mounted infantry.

The details of his specific regiment are too obscure to see but he seems to have been a member of a Royal regiment since the facings of his seven-button Home Service tunic appear to be dark blue. He wears khaki or beige-colored, riding pattern cord trousers with blue puttees and carries a Pattern 1882 Mounted Infantry Bandoleer across his chest.


The bayonet to his Martini-Henry rifle is visible just behind his left arm. The sleeve of this same arm bears a single good conduct stripe. Instead of the commonly seen "walking out" stick his left-hand holds a riding crop which would be more fitting with his mounted duties. In his right hand, he holds a bugle - the symbol of the appointment that he held.

Cabinet Photograph
A. Hinkins - Photographer
170 Edleston Road, Crewe & Exchange Street, Retford, England
c. 1890

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