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Miss Margaret Fraser in her role as Stella D'Aubigny in the musical comedy A Runaway Girl. In the performance, her character dons the costume of a Gordon Highlander as a lead member of the chorus. She wears not only the Egypt Medal/Khedive's Star pair but also a Victoria Cross.

A noted beauty in her day Margaret Fraser was born in Agyllshire, Scotland around 1876. According to an article in the April-September 1899 issue of The English Illustrated Magazine her unnamed father had served in the Royal Highlanders (the Black Watch). The same article also implies that during the above-mentioned performance her singing voice and dancing abilities stole the show from the star Miss Grace Palotta.


Her long association with the West End's Gaiety Theater had her become known as one of the Gaiety Girls. Her numerous roles and fame eventually led to a tour of the United States during which Margaret's mother acted and chaperon to her daughter and the three other Gaiety Girls who made the trip.

Margaret Fraser passed away on 1 September 1972 in London at the age of 96.

Cabinet Photograph
Alfred Ellis & Walery - Photography
51 Baker Street. London, W. England
c. 1899

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