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This carte de visite is wonderfully representative of a trend that became very popular during the Anglo-Boer War. Dressing soldiers’ sons in miniature versions of their father’s uniforms dated from time immemorial. The practice of recording the moment photographically would seem to have followed as a matter of course.

It would seem that little in the way of expense was spared in the creation of this young man’s uniform – it would not seem justified in calling it a costume. The only compromise was the substitution of cloth shoulder pieces in place of the chain mail ones often worn by cavalry troopers of the time period. His plumed slouch hat is reminiscent of the style worn by mounted units such as the South African Light Horse.

Aside from the photographer’s information, the carte is unmarked so this young man's identity is, unfortunately, a mystery.

Carte de Visite

W. Greay - Photographer
12 Cornwall Street, Plymouth, England
c. 1900

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