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Private Joseph Stretton - 1st Battalion, the Prince of Wales Volunteers (South Lancashire Regiment) is identified on the reverse side of this cabinet photograph as "Uncle Joe Stretton" and that he passed away from yellow fever in India.

Joseph Stretton was one of five sons born to Joseph Stretton and his wife Betsy of Stockport, Lancashire. The eldest brother Richard was born around 1869, John William was born around 1870, Joseph around 1871, James about 1873, and the youngest Tom was born in 1884. There was also one daughter Eliza Ann born about 1875.

Stretton’s battalion, the 1/Prince of Wales Volunteers (South Lancashire Regiment) was stationed at Jubbulpore, India from around 1903 until about 1905. No service papers have been found for Joseph Stretton the Army Death Register Index for 1905 lists Joseph Stretton dying at Jubbulpore in that year.

Joseph Stretton had previously served with the South Lancashire Militia attesting on 10 February 1892 as No. 3243. His militia statement of services that survive shows him enlisting with the Prince of Wales Volunteers (South Lancashire Regiment) on 7 August 1894. At the time of his death, he would have served around 10 to 11 years with the colours.

Stretton seems to have taken soldiering seriously since by the time this photograph was taken he had earned two good conduct stripes and well as having qualified as a marksman and signaler.

Additional confirmation at to Joseph Stretton's identity is provided in the Army Registers of Soldiers' Effects, 1901-1929 which stated that No. 4452 Private Joseph Stretton of the 1/South Lancashire Regiment died at Jubbulpore on 7 September 1905 with his next of kin being listed as his mother Betsy. The register also states that he attested with his regiment at Stockport on 7 August 1894.

Stretton’s younger brother James attested with the 1st Battalion, the Grenadier Guards (No. 3643) at London on 5 April 1892. He only served 1 year, 186 days with the battalion before being discharged in consequence of "frequent acts of committing nuisance and insubordination.".

Cabinet Photograph
Brown & Sons - Photographer
C. P. Studio & Warehouse, Jubbulpore, India
c 1904

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