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No. 1877 Private James C. Weeks of the 1st Battalion, 22nd Regiment of Foot. Although no service papers have been found for this soldier, a short mention of him is found in the 1871 Worldwide British Army Index which confirms his first name, regimental service number, regiment and battalion as well as him having enlisted sometime prior or the Index's 1871 edition date. His other ranks 1871 pattern tunic also helps date this

Below is the inscribed reverse of the photograph. Weeks' regimental service number of 1877 could easily be misread as a date. The photographer's back stamp is dated "Series 1872" also narrows down the carte's date of manufacture.

Carte de Visite
C. S. Hervé Military Photographic Studio - Photographer
15 High Street, Aldershot, England
c. 1872

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