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Three Soldiers Philippines.png

An unusual and not often encountered image of three United States soldiers taken at Camp Wallace in the Philippines sometime around 1910. The date is approximate based upon the style of uniforms in this case the 1908 pattern summer service uniforms.

Although the men all wear the required collar insignia these badges are indistinct and it is impossible to identify to which regiment they may have belonged. All three men are armed with 1903 Springfield rifles. One of the outstanding details of the photograph are the men's M1889 tropical service helmets.

Camp Wallace was established on Luzon as a cavalry base in 1903.  Around the approximate date of this photograph, both the 7th and 8th U.S. Cavalry were stationed in the Philippines though I have also come across information indicating that various infantry regiments were also stationed at Camp Wallace around this time too.


The sergeant at left wears an early style sharpshooter's qualification badge while the soldier in the center wears what appears to be a type of marksman badge. He also sports some sort of ribbon
device that hangs from the flap button just below the other badge.

Mounted Photograph
5 3/4 Inches by 7 7/8 Inches
(14.8cm x 20 cm)
V. Paredes - Photograper
Camp Wallace, Luzon, Philippine Islands
c. 1910

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