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Captain Godfrey Baldwin of the 19th Regiment of Foot (the Green Howards) sitting for a photograph taken on 21 August 1873.

Baldwin was born on 17 April 1836 in Cork, Ireland, the son of Godfrey Baldwin and Anna Louisa Pilkington. He was listed as a gentleman cadet at Sandhurst in 1851

Commissioned as an ensign in the 19th Regiment of Foot on 6 June 1854.

Lieutenant: 8 December 1854
Captain: 25 August 1862
Major: 8 October 1876
Retires with Pension: 24 November 1877
Honorary Lt. Col.: 24 November 1877

In 1855 Baldwin is listed as still having an officer's commission in the South Cork Light Infantry Militia.

Lieutenant Baldwin shipped out to India aboard the Alnwick Castle on 23 July 1857. He later served with the Hazara Field Force in the Black Mountain Expedition on the Northwest Frontier in 1868. In this photograph, he wears the 1854 India General Service Medal with "Hazara" clasp.

Baldwin's family seems to have been of the landed gentry class in Ireland with several references to the family holdings in that country have been found. Baldwin was married to Julia Bourke and she traveled with him to India, appearing in a group photo of 19th Regiment officers and wives.

In this photograph, Baldwin wears the scarlet 1868 pattern officer's tunic.

Baldwin died in London in 1892 at the age of 56. In that record, his name is given as Godfrey Clement K. Baldwin.

Carte de Visite
E. W. Proctor - Photographer
90 Edgware Road, London W., England
24 August 1873

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