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George William Deane of the 13th Bengal Cavalry (Lancers) here appearing to hold the rank of captain.

Commissioned a 2nd lieutenant in the 106th Foot in January 1869, he later transferred to the Bombay Staff Corps.

He served with the 13th Bengal Lancers in Afghanistan from 1878-80 being entitled to the Afghan War Medal (no clasps). He served in Egypt with his regiment and was present at the battle of Tel-el-Kebir receiving the Egypt Medal with "Tel-el-Kebir" clasp, the Khedive's Star, and a mention in despatches from Wolseley (London Gazette, 2 November 1882). He served with the 1887-89 Burma expedition earning the 1854 IGSM with "Burma 1887-89" clasp. He served under Sir William Lockhart in 1897-98 with the Mohmand Field Force, for which he was again mentioned in despatches (G.G.O. 1818 of 1897), and received the 1895 IGSM medal with clasp "Punjab Frontier 1897-98".


He was promoted to full Colonel in 1901 prior to retiring.

His son Henry Selby Deane was killed in action while serving as a trooper in 34 Company, Imperial Yeomanry at Senekal during the Anglo-Boer War.

George Williams Deane died in London in 1931.

Cabinet Card Sized Mounted Photograph

Unknown Photographer

Unknown Location

c. 1880s

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