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Colonel Frederick Burnaby of the Royal Horse Guards (the Blues).

Of imposing height, endurance, and physical strength, he achieved great fame and notoriety for his extensive travels through central Asia in the 1870s. He recounted his experiences in the book The Ride to Khiva.

Never passing up the chance at a new adventure, he crossed the English Channel in a gas balloon in 1882.

Unofficially attached to Valentine Baker Pasha's Egyptian force at Saukin, in the Sudan, Burnaby was wounded when Baker's force was routed by the Madhi at the 1st Battle of El Teb in February 1884.

Appointed to a staff position by Lord Wolseley during the Gordon Relief Expedition, Burnaby was killed in the vicious hand-to-hand combat that followed the partial collapse of the British square at Abu Klea in 1885.

Cabinet Photograph

T. Fall - Photographer

9 & 10 Baker Street, London, England

c. 1880s

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