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2nd RWF China.png

Based on some preliminary research, this cabinet photograph may depict No. 5575 Corporal (later CSM) Albert Miners of the 2nd Battalion, the Royal Welch Fusiliers.  This photograph would seem to have been taken in Pekin (Beijing) Chin, c, 1900. The identification is based on a slightly later identified photograph of Miners taken in Hong Kong after promotion to sergeant. The man in the photograph, even if not Miners wears precisely the same bandolier and is uniformed in the same manner. So his membership in the 2/RWF is not in doubt. He is kitted out for mounted service and Miners was attached to the mounted infantry detachment of the 2/RWF. 


Miners’ service papers are in extremely poor condition (burned documents) but they do list him as being entitled to the 1900 China medal with “Relief of Pekin” clasp. I have not found Miners listed in the China Medal Roll yet. Such discrepancies between the two sets of documents are not all that unusual. 


The man pictured here is wearing one of the myriad types of mounted pattern bandoliers being used by British troops at the time. It is designed to hold individual rounds so it was intended to be partnered with the early Lee-Metford rifle which lacked the ability to be loaded via a five-round charger. 


Albert Miners would eventually be promoted Company Sergeant Major and earn the Military Medal (London Gazette, 11 October 1916) after his death. He was killed in action on 20 July 1916. 

Cabinet Photograph

The Pekin Photographer - Photographer

Pekin (Beijing), China

c. 1900

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