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Edward William Dove Freeman was born at Hoxton, London, England on 30 March 1850 to Edward Freeman and Rebecca Maria Dove.

Edward enlisted with the Royal Artillery on 12 August 1867 he was employed as a joiner. Posted as a gunner with 13 Brigade, R.A. on 1 December 1867, he served with that unit until transferring to 9 Brigade on 1 October 1869. Promoted bombardier on 14 January 1873 he stood trial for an unspecified transgression on 31 March 1875. He had previously been twice granted good conduct pay (1870 and 1873) and perhaps his formerly good record was considered by the court-martial since while he was found guilty and reduced in rank the court’s sentence was immediately remitted and he was returned to duty at his former rank of bombardier.

Promoted corporal on 12 September 1876 he was granted a third good conduct pay in April 1876. Freeman re-engaged with the colours at St. Thomas Mount, India on 31 May 1877. He was promoted sergeant and transferred to 6 Brigade, R. A. on 5 June 1878 then transferred back to his old unit (now figured 1 Brigade) on 1 August 1878. He would have been entitled to two additional good conduct pays “had he not been promoted to sergeant” in 1879 and 1885. He was appointed store sergeant on 12 April 1883. Freeman mustered out of service at Madras, India on 20 March 1889 with 21 years, 214 days under his pipe-clayed belt. Freeman elected to reside in India after leaving the colours, taking up residence at his wife’s birthplace of St. Thomas Mount.

Freeman spent almost his entire military career in garrison duty in India seeing no active service in the field. His home service was from 12 August 1867 to 23 September 1869 and Indian service from 24 September 1869 to 20 May 1889.

Freeman had married Miss Amelia Canty at St. Thomas Mount, India on 15 January 1878. The couple had seven children all born in India. Edward William Dove Freeman died at Madras, India on 27 March 1893 at the age of 42 from dysentery.

Carte de Visite
Josiah Smith - Photographer
No. 10 Upper Street, Islington, London England
9 March 1868

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