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David Hodge Muir was born in Edinburgh, Scotland on 19 March 1877 the son of George and Elizabeth Muir. David's father George was a wholesale stationer and David seems to have remained in the paper business his entire life. He studied at Heriot and Watt college in Edinburgh.


Muir reached the rank of sergeant-major or possibly battery sergeant-major in what was in all likelihood the 1st Edinburgh Artillery Volunteers when this photograph was taken in c. 1903. He emigrated to Canada soon afterward as is stated on the reverse of the card mount.

Muir arrived in Halifax, Nova Scotia on 3 April 1903 onboard the S.S. Sardinian. Some time afterward he left Canada for the United States. 


On 24 June 1915, he married Miss Mary Alice Guilds.


Muir registered for the draft on 5 September 1918 and he stated that he was employed as an assistant sales manager for the Eaton Crane & Pike Co. in Pittsfield.


Census records list him as living in Pittsfield, Massachusetts with his wife Mary and son David around 1920 and was employed as a sales manager for a paper company. By 1930 the family had moved to Newton, Massachusetts and David H. Muir was still in the "Wholesale Stationery" business.


Muir passed away on 11 July 1965 at Rhinebeck, New York.

Cabinet Photograph
E. R. Yerbury - Photographer
Edinburgh, Scotland
c. 1903

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