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Above: Cyril Maude as Major Christopher Bingham in The Second in Command.

Cabinet Photograph
Alfred Ellis & Walery - Photographer
52 Baker Street, London, W., England
c. 1900

Born in London, England on 24 April 1862, Cyril Francis Maude somewhat unusually began his acting career in Denver, Colorado, USA in 1883. Seemingly of a weak constitution as a youth, his parents (Charles Henry Maude and Georgina Henrietta Emma Hanbury-Tracy ) had previously sent him to Australia to regain his health in 1881 and although this hope for remedy failed in its desired effect he did return to England infected by the acting bug.

Well respected for his comedy roles. Maude also worked behind the stage and was from 1895 to 1905 co-manager of London’s famed Haymarket Theater.  Deciding to be a one-man show of sorts he opened his own theater – the Playhouse- in 1907.

Like his co-star in The Second in Command Allan Aynesworth, Maude successfully made the transition from stage to both silent and sound films probably because his comedic background offered him a bit more leeway in the new medium than had he been a serious actor. The transition to sound ruined many a leading man’s careers. He appeared in at least ten films between 1914 and 1935 and made his last appearance on the silver screen in While the Sun Shines (1947) at the age of 85.

Maude’s wife Winifred Emery came from an old acting family and the couple had three children; Margery, Pamela Cynthia (1893-1975), and John Cyril.  Pamela married Major
William “Billy” La Touche Congreve VC, DSO, MC of the Rifle Brigade who was killed in action at Longueval, France in 1916.

Aside from acting Maude served as President of the Actor’s Orphanage Fund from 1905 to 1914. He was also a Mason for some time. A member of the United Grand Lodge of
England he was admitted on 3 April 1888 but resigned from that fraternal order on 5 March 1895.

Cyril Francis Maude died at Torquay, Devonshire on 20 February 1951

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