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A pre-World War One French chassuer cycliste with his state-of-the-art mechanical steed.

While there is nothing outstanding to note on the soldier himself, his bicycle is of particular note. It appears to be a 1912 Bicyclette Pliante Peugeot ‘System Gerard’ Transformee 1912 (modele l’armee). Developed from his 1901 version by French army officer by the name of Gerard., its most notable feature was its folding frame which allowed it to be compactly carried on the soldier's back as need required.

The soldier would have been a member of la Compagnie Cycliste du 2e Batailion de Chassuers. The unit was headquartered in Luneville.

Cabinet Photograph

Henry - Photographer

3 Place du Chateu, Luneville, France


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