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Gordon Last Photo.png

Major General Charles George "Chinese" Gordon in the last known photograph taken before his death at Khartoum in 1885.  The photo bears the facsimile signature of Gordon and was taken on the behalf of the King of the Belgians. The King had contracted with Gordon to act as governor of the Congo, the appointment of which Gordon ultimately delined prior to his fateful journey up the Nile.

Cabinet Photograph

London Stereoscopic Company - Photographer

London, England

c. 1884

Gordon Signature.png

The cut signature and title autograph of then Colonel Charles George Gordon while he was Royal Engineer Commanding on the Island of Mauritius. The signature appears to have come from an official document of some sort and is dated 13 March 1882.  Gordon held his command in Mauritius from April 1881 to March 1882.

Cut Signature and Title Autograph

3 Inches by 2 1/3 Inches

(8cm x 6cm)


13 March 1882

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