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Cawnpore Light Horse.png

Based on circumstantial evidence, I believe that this cabinet photograph depicts an unnamed sergeant of the Cawnpore Light Horse and Quartermaster John Connolly of the 2nd
Battalion, the King's Own Scottish Borderers.

The identity of the standing soldier in this photograph is based on his rank (quartermaster) and his battalion (2nd Battalion, the King's Own Scottish Borderers). He wears the Egypt
Medal with a single clasp as well as the bronze Khedive's Star. The battalion's roll for the Egypt Medal was compiled at Umballa, India on 10 February 1890 and lists the battalion
quartermaster as Honorary Lieutenant & Quartermaster John Connolly. The clasp on his medal would have read "Gemaizah 1888". I have not uncovered much regarding Connolly, He was born on 30 September 1848 and retired from the service not long after this photograph was taken on 24 March 1893, At the time of his retirement, he had been promoted, honorary

The seated sergeant was a member of a local volunteer unit. This is indicated by the volunteer efficiency badges on his right sleeve. His membership in the Cawnpore Light Horse is
subjectively based on the location at which the photograph was taken. His chain mail shoulder straps are also indicative of his membership in a mounted unit. No other photographic
references gave been found depicting the uniform of the Cawnpore Light Horse.

Cabinet Photograph
Lala Murlindhar - Photographer
Cawnpore, India
c. 1892

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