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Black Watch Sergeant and Family.png

A beautifully realized family portrait of a veteran sergeant of the 2nd Battalion, the Black Watch with his wife a daughter.

The sergeant wears the ribbons of the Queen's and King's South Africa Medals signifying his service in the Anglo-Boer War. The photo dates from between late 1903 and sometime in 1905 when the 2nd battalion was stationed at Umballa, India

As has been the case in several instances when I purchased this photograph online the seller offered another photograph of the same family that was taken during the same sitting with the main difference being the sergeant chose to wear his foreign service helmet instead of his glengarry cap. Unfortunately, the seller offered the images as separate lots and another buyer acquired the second photo. It always saddens me a bit when a set of photographs that were clearly together for well over 100 years gets broken up.

Cabinet Photograph
B. Bell & Co. - Photographer
Kasauli and Umballa, India
c 1904

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