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Be Sober Medal.png

As stated on the reverse side of this silver medal, the Total Abstinence Society was established in India in 1862. As implied by the organization's name it was intended to promote the abstinence of alcohol consumption. I believe that this specific society was a forerunner of the slightly later Army Temperance Association of India which was established in 1897 as both organizations issued virtually identical medals with only a variation in wording between the two. These medals were sometimes engraved with the recipient's name in the manner of campaign medals although this example is not. These medals did not receive Royal sanction for wear but are often seen being worn on a soldier's right breast in period photographs.

Abstinence, temperance, and other fraternal medal varied greatly in appearance and quality and this example is of almost the same quality as official campaign medals although slightly
smaller ins size. Outwardly in shape is bears a strong resemblance with medals such as the 1854 India General service medal and used a similar ornate swivel suspender. It appears to
be of solid silver (possibly what is known as Indian Silver) and is very finely and deeply struck on both sides.

The medal's planchet itself measures 34mm across (campaign medals usually measure 36mm) and the original pale blue silk ribbon measures about 30mm wide (campaign medal ribbons usually measured about 32mm wide).

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