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Bert and Winnie.png

Dressed in the uniform of the Imperial Yeomanry, Corporal Bert is pictured with his wife Winnie who also appears to be ready to head out on campaign against the Boers. She wears the same type of slouch hat as he does, has in what all probability his bandoleer draped across her shoulder, and holds a small-caliber pistol. Her heavy skirt appears to be made of the same wool fabric as Bert's uniform. She looks more intimidating than he does!

Bert's uniform insignia are all the "Prince of Wales Plume" type that was used by many Imperial Yeomanry units. Because this photograph was taken in Hertfordshire it is possible that Bert was a member of the Hertfordshire Yeomanry before the war.

Unfortunately, the period inscription on the photo’s reverse side which identifies Bert and Winnie did not include the couple’s last name. They were a very pleasant-looking couple and one hopes – even after the passage of well more than a century – that Bert survived the war and found his way home again.

Cabinet Photograph
J. Dunn - Photographer
Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, England
c. 1900

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