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Alfred Berry Brewster 1.png

Alfred Berry Brewster in Egyptian uniform.

Cabinet Photo
L. Fiorillo  - Photographer
Alexandria, Egypt
3 August 1891

Brewster was married to Marie Cecile in 1886 and had at least one child, a daughter named Adele Cecile who married Felix Edmund Powell on 11 July 1911. Her marriage was short with her dying in Alexandria in 1913. A biographical sketch of Brewster was published in The Anglo-African Who's Who and Biographical Sketchbook (1907). Alfred's brother T. A. Brewster was the publisher of the Port Elizabeth Advertiser, Port Elizabeth, Cape Colony, South Africa.

His career was highlighted in the London Gazette in 1884 when he was granted by the Queen the right to wear the "Insignia of the Third Class of the Order of Medjidieh". It also states that the award was for Brewster's services while "actually and entirely employed by His Highness [the Khedive] Beyond Her Majesties Dominions".

He was mentioned again in 1896 when he was awarded the Order of Osmanieh of the Third Class by the Khedive and the Sultan in Constantinople.

Mentioned once again in 1905 when as Private Secretary to the Khedive of Egypt he was granted the Imperial Ottoman Order of Medjidieh, Grand Officer.

Alfred Berry Brewster 3.png

Alfred Berry Brewster early in his service with Egypt's Khedival government.

Carte de Visite
L. Fiorillo - Photographer
Alexandria, Egypt
14 July 1877

Still active in Egypt at the outbreak of World War One, Brewster volunteered his services with the Egyptian Expeditionary Force and served as superintendent of a compressed forage factory in Egypt. After the war, he applied for his medals (probably the British War and Victory Medals) on 12 January 1922 but was deemed ineligible. The Index card does state the Brewster received a Mention in Despatches on 5 March 1919.

Alfred Berry Brewster died at the age of 72 in Cairo in 1928.

Alfred Berry Brewster 2.png

Alfred Berry Brewster wearing the Order of Medjidieh, Third Class, the Egypt Medal with two clasps, and the khedive's Star. The photo was most likely taken while Brewster was visiting family in England.

Cabinet Photo
J. M. Brown  - Photographer
High Street, Shanklin, Isle of Wight, England
26 August 1886

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