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Signaler A. E. L. Jones of No. 4 "University" Company, The Queen's City of Edinburgh Rifle Volunteers.

Arthur Edmund Lewis Jones was the son of Thomas William and Elizabeth Macfarlane Greig and was born about 1879 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Thomas Jones was a colonel in The Queen's City of Edinburgh Rifle Volunteers.

Arthur was listed as a student of medicine while enrolled at the University of Edinburgh and besides being a member of the University's rifle volunteers was listed as secretary of the University's "Hound and Hare Club" (1898-99) and president (1901-02).

His military career is somewhat fragmentary at this time but what has come to light follows:

2nd Lieutenant, The Queen's City of Edinburgh Rifle Volunteers  - 1898

Lieutenant - 12 December 1901

Captain - 23 July 1904

4th Battalion, the Royal Scots - 1 April 1908

Major - 29 June 1915

No. 6 (Scottish) Provisional Battalion - 12 August 1915

Gazetted with the Territorial Decoration - 11 May 1918

Retires - 30 December 1921

Based on the 1898 date of this photograph it would appear that Jones had yet to be promoted to 2nd Lieutenant in theQueen's City of Edinburgh Rifle Volunteers (The Queen's Rifle Volunteer Brigade, the Royal Scots).


I have listed him as a signaler simply because he chose to pose with a signal flag. In the 1904-05 edition of the Edinburgh University Calendar, Jones is listed as a lieutenant. Engineering and signaling are mentioned as two specialty fields that were taught to company members.  Interestingly Jones was listed as having taken several prizes in shorthand competitions in The Phonetic Journal for the Year 1896. So perhaps he was naturally adept at language-based exercises such as signaling.

While Jones was clearly in uniform during World War One I have yet to find any medal index card or medal roll mentioning him. One might assume that did not deploy to a theater of operations and performed home service duties only.

Jones married Isabella (Ella) Davidson Hamilton at an undetermined date. He died in Edinburgh on 15 December 1944.

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