Based on the gold-tinted badge seen on their forage caps, these two men appear to have been members of a light infantry battalion. Interestingly each man has two badges on their
forage caps. The top most badge looks to be a stringed bugle quite often associated with light infantry battalions. The lower badge appears to be wreath of some sort. The most
interesting feature of this image is the manner in which these soldiers chose to wear their five button frocks. Both men wear their normally closed collars spread out in the manner of
the lapels of civilian style jackets. This seems to have been done to allow the men's neckties to be displayed as well as their shirts. Although their shirts can not be seen in detail one
must assume that these were not the standard collarless grey back army issue shirts. Besides their cap badges, the buttons on their frock have also been touched with gold paint by the
photographer as well as what appears to be a good conduct stripe of the cuff of the seated soldier., The shoulder cords on both men's frocks have been coloured red by the

Note: This and other images taken in Bermuda have been included in the West Indies section of this website simply as a mater of convenience. Naturally Bermuda has never
considered part of the West Indies but given the manner in which this website is setup filing image that originated in Bermuda here seems to make a certain sense.

Carte de Visite
Unidentified Photographer
Bermuda Isles
c. 1870s