Carte de Visite Format Tintype (Ferrotype)
Unknown Photographer
Hamilton, Bermuda
c. 1865

Given the nature of their manufacturing process, tintypes of ferrotypes seldom bear period inscriptions identifying the subject. This carte de visite sized example is a rare example that
due to its paper mat has an ink notation on the reverse side (see below) which gives the subject's name, branch of service and location. Unfortunately the name is indecipherable (at
least to my eyes) although it is evident that he was a gunner of the Royal Artillery serving at Hamilton, Bermuda.

The image is softly hand tinted with the soldier's jacket buttons picked out is gold paint. The paper mat is embossed: "Potter's Patent, March 7, 1865". This individual - Ray W. Potter -
was a New York based photographer who held the patent for this style of paper mat
Above: The tintype's reverse side showing rust staining from the iron photographic plate and the only partially legible period inscription.