Cabinet Photograph
W. G. Cooper - Photographer
Barbados, West Indies
12 August 1889

Dated and inscribed 12 August 1889, this cabinet photograph depicts a veteran Sergeant Major of an uncertain army department, possibly the Corps of Military Police. His forage cap
bears the scrolled cypher "VR" badge and his rank in denoted by the crown badge on his lower right sleeve, the gold trim on his cuffs and the red sash he wears over his right shoulder.
He also wears what appears to be the 1877-79 South Africa Medal possibly for service in the Anglo-Zulu War of 1879.

This sergeant major signed the lower front of the card as well as the back but in both cases the name is uncertain. His first two initials appear to be "J. W.". The rather longer inscription
that appear on the lower right side of the photograph's reverse side reads:

"To my dearest sister Susie from her ??? brother Jack as a remembrance of his commissioning 20th year of army service. 12 August, 1889" He then signed the card once more. The
inscription seems to commemorate his promotion to sergeant major.

If his signature can ever be properly "decoded" much more information regrading this as yet under identified sergeant major may be forthcoming.